There are three sizes of Econo Maxx depending on how large your air intake valve is. If you order through our online store select your year, make,model, and engine size and we will ship you the correct version. You can also visit our stocking dealers who carry all three sizes and can fit your vehicle accordingly.
The Economaxx can be used in all vehicles with an internal combustion engine using gasoline and diesel fuel, it can also be used with two stroke engines and vehicles that use propane and hydrogen systems.
Examples: cars, trucks (gas/ diesel),all heavy equipment(dump trucks, excavators, front end loaders) motor cycles, four wheelers, inboard/outboard boat motors, generators and many more.
The inventors, Brian Leuenberger and his brother Danny, had been working on Brian’s 1976 fuel-injected Corvette drag car. Consisting of a 735 horse DZ 302 small block, it held impressive time trials. However, after $27,000 in parts and $8,000 in machining, they needed more horsepower…hence the Fuel Genie. After its installation they had increased horsepower but, to their surprise, they had also increased gas mileage. Domestic vehicle performance testing proceeded immediately. Driving 5 days a week, a total of 1,300km per week, the horsepower increase was recorded and a mileage gain of close to 200km a tank after the second tank!
The Fuel Genie is a non moving part, made of durable automotive plastic which operates on the basis of Vortex-Venturi, utilizing the Bernoulli’s Principal of changing the angular velocity of the vehicle air intake. See our video for more details.
Anyone can install the Economaxx in just a few minutes with nothing more than a screwdriver, complete instructions are included with every unit. See our installation page for details.
YES. After installation of the Fuel Genie drivers reported an immediate increase in horsepower.
After 2 tanks of gas. The Fuel Genie requires 2 tanks of gas after installation to clean carbon deposits from your engine. This process cleans the pistons, valves and spark plugs. Many drivers have reported an increase in mileage after the first tank, however after the second tank you will be more than impressed. This increase is maintained with proper engine maintenance, and safe driving operation of your vehicle.
Results vary depending on vehicle type, vehicle age, driving habits and other factors, users have experienced up to 10-25% improvement in fuel efficiency. The average vehicle will get an extra 47-62 miles (75-100 km) on a full tank of fuel. The Econo Maxx pays for itself very quickly especially with today’s fuel prices.
lt is different for every vehicle, but typically expected gains are in the average range of 9 to 12 Hp.
Vechicle emission reports have indicated that the use of the Econo Maxx aids in reducing the output of both CO and HC emissions by more than 20%, by using this technology we can reduce harmful emissions, reduce fuel consumption and ease the demand for fossil fuels.
Yes, we have an extensive and growing dealer network of trained professionals who can assist with the installation of your Econo Maxx. If there is not a dealer near you, let us know and we will gladly locate someone to install the Econo Maxx in your vehicle.
We run into this all the time, the product sounds too good to be true most prospective customers tell us. To start, we have a 60-Day full money back guarantee. All you have to do is send us the product back with a receipt to indicate the date of purchase. We have installed the Econo Maxx into thousands of vehicles and to date we haven’t had to issue one customer back their money. In addition, we have great 3rd party endorsements from the Smithsonian Institute (World’s largest research institute – Not just a museum), Ontario Drive Clean Test Facilities, and RV Lifestyle Magazine who are all professionals in this field and are converted skeptics.
They do, some manufactures are building swirling fins into their air intake hoses ,Vortex
technology is being adopted into some new hi-tech vehicles that allows for increased fuel mileage and performance.
Yes the Economaxx will work with all aftermarket air intake systems, it also works with turbo charged and supercharger vehicles.
No it does not void your warranty. After extensive research and a testiment to how easy the part is to install it requires no modification to your vehicle. It simple allows for better air flow into your vehicle.  It is illegal for a dealer to deny you the OE warranty because you have installed an aftermarket part. Under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act of 1975, ts USC, 2302 and clean air act 42 of USA code7541, you have rights. This legislation basically states that in order for a dealer/manufacture to deny a warranty on a claimed part, they must PROVE that the part you installed/had installed directly caused the failure of the part on which you’re claiming the warranty. For more information visit the SEMA website SEMA is a trade organization of the
automotive aftermarket, which has been active in protecting consumer rights.
Yes we offer a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee, The Economaxx is also guaranteed for the life of your vehicle against manufacturing defects.
The Economaxx is made of high grade automotive polyurethane, therefore it will not deteriorate and will last for the life of the vehicle and is 100% maintenance free.

If we were unable to answer your question in this section, please send us a note on our contact page and we will get you an answer.