I have installed the Economaxx in our fleet of vehicles and realized an instant improvement in fuel economay. I installed it in our 2007 GMC Yukon XL the day before heading to Toronto (a drive I do regularly) without the Economaxx we could make it to Latchford, approximately 680 kilometers to a tank of gas. With Economaxx installed we were able to drive straight through to North Bay, a total of approximately 800 kilometers with no changes in my driving habits. (That’s an extra 120km or 72 miles per tank of fuel.) The savings are real, the results are astonishing!


Eric K. Pietsch


Pietsch Group Inc.



To whom it may concern,

I have had similar type products installed in my air intake to no avail except to spend $$$$ without any results. I have had the Economaxx installed in my 2007 F150 with a Gail banks aftermarket intake for less than two weeks and less than 2 tanks of fuel running mostly in town. I already have noticed a good decrease in fuel consumption and do not know where it will level out. I Carry 1/2 ton of sand bags in my truck for traction in the winter and I am getting fuel mileage that I would experience in the summer time. I was skeptical but after talking directly to Brian, he assured me of better mileage and what to watch as I drive. Lo and behold, everything he said would happen, happened, and I cannot wait to put this into our Nissan Murano. I also have one too as I am looking into a 2014 F350 Super Crew Lariat diesel and cannot wait to see what mileage increases this truck will get over stock!! Well done guys! I will recommend you to all my friends who drive gas guzzling trucks!


Rick Wysynsnki


Hello Economaxx,

Last we spoke at the SEMA show, I had just installed the 3 Economaxx units into my 2013 Ford ECO Boost F150 in the place of the 2 factory units that were  installed by Ford. Before the Economaxx I was averaging 22.4 MPG over 5 tanks of gas. Since installing the Economaxx, over the past two weeks my averages went up to 25.1 MPG That includes the trip home from Las Vegas to Phoenix in the mountains of Arizona. I’m very impressed with the performance as well. It was very noticeable as I was driving through the mountains!

Mike Lewis

President, JJ Brown Company




To Whom it May Concern: Sept 4, 2014

We have had the Economaxx installed into a number of different types of equipment and vehicles for the past two years. From front end loaders, excavators, bulldozers, graders, triaxle dump trucks and pickup trucks. We have definitely noticed a saving in fuel consumption, particularly in the winter months when we need to let the equipment run in the cold. We have also noticed that the trucks that require emissions testing are passing with much better numbers. We would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to save on fuel. If you have and questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!

-Regards, Johanna Liscombcloutier Logo

Cloutier Contracting



This testimonial is a break down on all 3 vehicles after the installation of the “Economaxx” The fuel mileage did in fact increase in all 3 vehicles after the installation. The increase was quite significant in the Police Cars (Ford Crown Victoria’s), they went from 7/12 MPG to 16.4 MPG.  The “Parts Vehicle” (Chevrolet 1500 6.0L) showed an increase from 14.7 MPG to 21 MPG.  The fuel savings for the “CAT Turbo Diesel” and “Case Loader 1580 Turbo Diesel” at the landfill site total 1944  litres per year! I also installed the Fuel Genie in my own vehicle (1999 GMC Silverado) and achieved an incredible 27.1 MPG highway. As the fuel prices continue to soar I would strongly recommend the “Economaxx” to anyone who wants to save money!

– Doug Fleet – Canadian Forces Base – Borden,Ontario


– Brownsville Towing – I couldn’t believe that anything could help with the fuel mileage on my 2000 GMC 6500 Top Kick.  After installing the “Economaxx” into my vehicle I increased my fuel mileage by 284 kms per tank! Not only did I notice that I received better fuel mileage but my vehicle was no longer sluggish going up hills. How this product works is beyond any expectation that I had. I have recommended these to some of my colleagues and I would recommend them to anyone interested in saving fuel.

-Norm Macdonald – Orangeville,Ontario


I have had the “Economaxx” in my 2007 F150 pickup for a few months now. I have kept tabs on my mileage since install and have found that I get 16 MPG instead of the usual 12 or less without the Economaxx installed, in combined City and highway driving. Then I had a couple weekends of mostly highway driving and my mileage hit 26 MPG. The best I have ever reached before installing the “Economaxx” was 22 MPG and that meant driving pretty conservatively. I was pulling a trailer this past weekend loaded with motorcycles and the truck itself was loaded and I used just over half a tank of fuel when the last time I did this I used considerately more fuel. Thanks for this.

-Tim McVeigh – Toronto, Ontario  -June 18/2014


Wayne Larsen Enterprises, Inc. – I have been having extremely bad fuel economy from when I purchased my 2011, Ford F-150 Ecoboost. I have brought my truck to Ford to correct the poor fuel economy and to correct some other issues. I purchased this Ford with the Ecoboost engine, because of the advertised 32 MpG, along with other features: Towing and power.  My Ford dealer was not able to help with the fuel economy. So I heard of a product called “Economaxx” and asked the manufacturer about this product and if it would help my fuel economy situation. He guaranteed improvements, so I agreed to “install it.” I had been getting about 13 L/100km at 90-100km highway driving. After installation of the “Economaxx” 15 L/100km at same speeds, and my fuel economy went from 11.2 to 11.6. A definite improvement in fuel economy for a minimal cost. This “Economaxx” does give improved fuel economy.

– Wayne Larsen – President, Wayne Larsen Enterprises.


KELOWNA CHRYSLER DODGE LTD. – We here at Kelowna Dodge Jeep Service are constantly faced with customer’s fuel mileage concerns and are always looking for new ways to improve fuel mileage in a cost efficient manor. As The Service Manager of Kelowna Dodge, I have the privilege of driving a 2005 Ram 1500 4WD with a 5.7 litre Hemi Engine. When I first put the truck on the road I started to record fuel mileage, as I do with all of my demos. With my first tank of fuel, the truck managed to get 14.80 mpg. I spoke with Dennis Onyschuk our Parts Manager and told me about The Fuel Genie. I installed one in my truck and to my surprise the vehicle registered an increase in fuel mileage to 15.87 mpg. I have continued to monitor fuel mileage with each tank full and track the results. My fuel mileage has increased to 17.18 mpg as of my last tank of fuel. The results speak for themselves and I can honestly say, I recommend The Fuel Genie to all of my customers with a fuel mileage concern.

– Pat Vetter – Kelowna Chrysler Dodge Ltd.


We have a 1985 school bus converted to a motorhome for our church Ministry. The bus has an International 6.9 diesel Engine. Before we had the ‘Fuel Genie’ installed, we were getting 9.8 mpg at best. Since we had the ‘Fuel Genie’ installed, we are getting 15.26 mpg.That is a 50% saving! We have triple and quadruple checked the figures! If you can’t believe this, niether can we, but it is true!

– Wilson Kindred – A Living Way Ministries


1999 Chevy Lumina 3.8L. Since having The Fuel Genie installed I now get 100-150 km’s more to a tank of gas. I had a friend laugh at me spending $90.00 to have this put in my car…who’s laughing now ? One of the best small investments that I have ever made. Thank -You ! Nice to see The Fuel Genie on the # 95 car !!!!

– Cindy Moore


I am a Mennonite living and working in Listowel, Ontario. I use a 5.9 Cummins Generator for a source of power in my home, barn and work-shop. I have recorded my consumption improvement since having The Fuel Genie installed in my generator on November 12th, 2004. After 2 weeks I noticed I had saved 74.30 litres on a fill up of 1542.0 lites. I am working alot more hours and thus requiring alot more power. Overall I have noticed a huge improvement since having The Fuel Genie installed and I am pleased with its overall performance.

– Owen S. Martin


I own and operate U-Wana Taxi in Owen Sound and have seven taxi’s in my fleet. I figure that I am saving approximately $245 in fuel per week. I am more than satisfied with the performance of The Fuel Genie in every way. It was explained to me that it would give my vehicles better performance (i.e. horsepower), cleaner exhaust, and better fuel consumption. We have saved $7 per tank!

– Steve Johnston


I own a 2002 Chevy Cavalier, automatic 2.2L engine. Since the Fuel Genie has been installed I have been amazed with the performance and gas mileage I am receiving. Before the Fuel Genie was installed I was getting 425km to a tank of gas. With the Fuel Genie in my car I am now getting 625km to a full tank. I recommend this product to anyone interested in saving gas and getting better overall performance from their vehicle.

– Kippy Sedore


We purchased The Fuel Genie for 7 vehicles both, gas and diesel, and have had good results on both. Our diesel trucks are burning the fuel cleaner, our fuel mileage has increased, and we are finding there is more horse power. With our gas powered vehicles we are finding more horse power and greater fuel mileage. Overall we are saving about 30% on our fuel bills each week. Thank you for marketing such a great product.

– Harry Janzen – Four Seasons Party Rentals


Soy propietario de un GWM Hover, con motor de 2.4 gasolina del 2007. Recientemente instalé el Fuel Genie en el vehículo y la diferencia en el “performance” del carro se notó inmediatamente. En primer lugar, la potencia del vehículo aumentó considerablemente, ya que usualmente solía bajar de cambio de tercera a segunda para subir lomas o pendientes de ángulo elevado. Ahora con el Fuel Genie, el vehículo sube las lomas en tercera e inclusive en cuarta, dependiendo de la velocidad que traiga. Otro aspecto que se manifestó rápidamente fue el ahorro del combustible, ya que el recorrido del vehículo mejoró en 90 kilómetros (para medio tanque). En este momento recién llené el tanque de combustible al máximo…para poder hacer una mejor comparación con el tanque lleno. También he notado que las vibraciones del motor han disminuído considerablemente y hay una mucho mejor transición de cambio a cambio. Verdaderamente opino que el Fuel Genie ha mejorado en general el rendimiento de mi vehículo.

– Dino Kirten