Save Fuel, the Environment, and Your Money While Increasing Performance.

The Econo Maxx fuel saving device is a cost effective alternative to get more bang for your buck at the pump.

How the Econo Maxx Works

There is science behind how the Econo Maxx works. It is a non-moving part made of automotive grade plastic that gets placed into the air intake hose that optimizes the angular velocity of the air so your engine burns fuel more efficiently resulting in fuel savings, reduced emissions, and increased horsepower. For you techies, It utilizes Bernoulli’s Principal to create a Vortex-Venturi…If we lost you here, check out our video that provides a visual of how it works.

The Econo Maxx is easily installed in under 5 minutes without any special tools in 3 simple steps. If you can change a filter or a lightbulb, you can install an Econo Maxx.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with your Econo Maxx fuel saving device we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. Our company stands behind the product and the science involved to do the talking for us. Please note that it can take up to one tank of fuel to realize the full effects of the Econo Maxx.

How do you know the Econo Maxx is working? Measure your RPMs on your vehicle before and after install. You will notice a difference as your engine doesn’t have to work as hard saving you money even when idling.


Still Don’t Believe Us? See Our Independent 3rd Party Testing!

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