We performed a dyno test on John Deere 3130 tractor (used). The first dyno test performed it was 90 HP at 540 RPM. We then installed the “Economaxx” in the tractor and we increased the horsepower  to 100HP at 540 RPM. This is not a Nebraska test – But using our dyno we definitely seen an increase in the horsepower.

Bradley Carmichael

Ivan J.H.Carmichael Ltd.




A dyno test was performed by a Certified Technician, on an Ontario Certified Clean Machine by our shop for the purpose of measuring horsepower increase. The vehicle used for the purpose of this test was a standard stock 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier, a 2.2 Litre engine automatic transmission car. This type of testing is comparable to IN-TOWN driving.

The results of this testing verify that after the Fuel Genie was installed a vehicle can gain 28.1% more horsepower, using very low RPM’s. Our testing confirmed this percentage with 3000 RPM

The “Economaxx” was installed while running under load on the dyno testing machine at 3000 RPM. This is a chassis dyno test and the horsepower is measured at the wheels. The resultas are as follows: 33.4 HP stock.   42.8 HP with Economaxx installed. A Difference of 9.4 HP which = a 28.01% INCREASE!


Norm Foster


Acton Auto Tech