A Company from Panama City called Sea Voyager had contacted us about our product wondering if we could help them save fuel in their Ocean Liner Generators. What they got was much more then they anticipated. Below is the testing results from Sea Voyager broken down for you.

Product was installed on a 3208 Caterpillar Generator

WITHOUT Economaxx

  • Generator Running at  –  200 Amps
  • Fuel Consumption –  7.5 gal/H
  • Exhaust temperature   – 375 Degrees
  • Engine Oil Temp  – 91.9 Degrees


WITH Economaxx

  • Generator Running at  –  200 amps
  • Fuel Consumption  –  4.5 gal/h
  • Exhaust temperature  –  350 Degrees
  • Engine Oil Temp  –  85.1 Degrees


Note:   – Fuel consumption has dropped 3.0 gal/H!!

Sea Voyager calculated their diesel fuel consumption has dropped 504 gallons per week! 

Savings calculated at $3.91/gal.  That’s a saving of $1970.40 per week, and $7881.6 per month!!


– Engine oil temperature was lowered by 6.8 degrees

– Exhaust temperature was lowered by 25 degrees

This was also an astronomical discovery for Sea Voyager. Due to the heat in the environment of the working generators they had to be turned off to cool down intermittently. With the Economaxx installed they were able to run their generators for much greater lengths of time.