Below is an article straight out of the RV Lifestyle Magazine. Product formerly called “Fuel Genie” is now called “Economaxx.”


We Put This “Genie” To The Test!


Over the years, our RV Lifestyle Magazine Road Test Teams have heard it all, tried a few, and kept only one of the many devices that have claimed to enhance fuel efficiency… because after examining decades of gizmos and gadgets, this one seems to work!

The Fuel Genie (Economaxx) is a simple spiral fin that creates a “vortec” effect when installed in the automotive air intake hose, and the reduction in diameter of the Fuel Genie (Economaxx) increases the air flow or “venturi” effect as the air passes through it. The combination of these two effects causes the air to mix better with fuel in the throttle body, while it increases the amount of airflow… the result – better fuel efficiency, more “pep” and cleaner emissions.

The inventor, Brian Leuenberger, and his brother Danny installed the Fuel Genie (Economaxx) in our test vehicles in about five minutes, and we charted the results for more than a year before we were prepared to go to press with an endorsement of this product. Not only did the product live up to the claims of the manufacturer, but when we took our ten year-old test vehicle to the Ontario Drive Clean emission testing facility, it produced results so clean that the technicians double-checked their equipment. For complete product info visit